Disciples of the Damned

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Missing in Action

Game Summary: Hot Girl (NPC Rogue) + Ugly Waitress + Missing Father + GP + Beer = Adventure North to Fort Ogrehead.

Detailed Game Log

Background Setting Information:

· The adventure begins in the City of Carr Perrin in the Rusty Saber tavern. The party is enjoying a hearty meal paid for by the loot they received from their previous adventure into the Storm Drains of Carr Perrin some two weeks ago.

· Carr Perrin is a small but influential city, which supplies most of the realm with raw materials of many types. Political rumors are that the governor is a somewhat shady character, but still well liked by many…very Clintonesque.

· The rainy season has begun, and storms from the coast dump large volumes of rain into the western mountains, and onto the City. It rains on the majority of days of the week, and sometimes for many days at a time. The people in the city are still adjusting to the change, and the general mood is sour.

The Rusty Saber Tavern:

· A bard tells a gripping tale of the gallantry of Captain Dorrion Stanley and the battle of the Lowlands which took place several years ago, but the story teller recounts the scene as if it were yesterday. His tale concludes as he describes Captain Stanley’s headlong charge into the ranks of Orcish spearmen and Goblin Cavalry. The greenskins that survived were driven into the Sicklewood, where the trees themselves finished them off. The sun-bleached bones of goblins, orcs and ogres can occasionally be seen protruding from the forest floor.

o The Bard’s Name is Alonzo Sharpe, a player at Vidian’s Boast, a small theatre not far from this tavern.

· Greasy Grelda brings the adventuring company’s meal to their table, bacon potatoes and flame kissed flank steaks fill the air and water your mouths. Normally Grelda insists on being paid at this point, but she didn’t even ask this time.

· As you eat your meal, the crowd in the tavern thins a bit revealing a beautiful blond girl, perhaps no more than 17 years old. She is wearing clean and nice fitting clothing, as well as a brown traveling cloak embroidered with silver thread…clearly, she has money. She looks in your direction, eyes you furtively and glances back down at her glass. You think you may have seen her before, but you can’t seem to remember where.

· As you finish your meal, you notice that she takes one large and nervous gulp from her cup, and begins walking in your direction. As she gets closer, the silver embroidery on her cloak is a stylize tree. Silverbranch! That’s it, this is the daughter of your last employer Stamus Silverbranch. His cufflinks bore a similar design. Stamus was always quick to dismiss her when adventurers were around, but there is no doubt, that is her…but needless to say, you were never introduced…until now.

o She has a dagger tucked into her boot, is wearing an all weather cloak, and many small pockets stitched into her belt…adventurer or cut-throat?

· "I’m so sorry to interrupt your meal, but I need your help. My name is Morrelia Silverbranch, and three weeks ago you were hired by my father Stamus, who is now missing.

o Stamus is a likeable fellow who always buys any loot you do not want for slightly higher than you can get from other vendors. His good relationships with other traders and the trade guild enable him to get better prices for these kinds of things.

o Stamus spoke of a future partnership with you, and seemed to have more work being lined up in the underside of the city. You were supposed to have a meeting with him next week to discuss the matter over a roast pig.

· “Can we talk?” She takes a seat at your table and explains that her father Stamus is a day late from his trip to the northern fortress. Wilfred, a man who represents the Treasurer’s Office of Carr Perrin also went with him. He is never late returning from his trips and his daughter fears the worst.

o Stamus went there to renegotiate some prices for various goods he supplies to the Fort, but the Master Sergeant that is in charge of the garrison there is very stubborn. Stamus went there in person to try to improve the situation.

o Officials have refused to offer any assistance due to the short duration of Stamus’ absence.

o Marius Briggs, the Captain of the City Guard has some connection to Morrelia, but that is still not known.

o Morrelia is offers to pay the adventurers, but they settle for a few favors and lot of beer.

· Departure – The party sets out upon the road the very next morning. Morrelia puts down deposits on horses so they can get to the Fort faster.

· The Trade Guild Returns to Carr Perrin…sorta. The party sees a caravan headed towards them on the road, going a little slow, but think nothing of it. As they get closer, the dwarf spots that the human leading the caravan is missing part of his arm, and the man behind him is carrying it. Their slow walk turns into a broken shuffle, and the dwarf screams “Zombie Attack!” It was close, but the party managed to control the situation and survive the encounter with no deaths.

Group XP Awards:
0750 6 Human Zombies at 125 each
0350 1 Wight Dog at 350
0025 1 Zombie Horse

Individual Awards
0075 Cleric of Pelor, for good use of alignment to guide financial decisions (Good RP, even though disadvantageous)
0100 Fighter for good role playing and self sacrifice
0100 Wizard for Heroic Conduct despite AC 11 and tiny HP

Significant Equipment
Spiked Dog Collar: +2 Intimidate

Other Stuff Earned:
+18 GP from Zombie Encounter
1 Month of Free Beer at the Rusty Saber Inn for Fighter
1 Favor: Costumer at Vidian’s Boast will size the Wizard for proper Cillandar fashions and clothing upon return to Carr Perrin


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